Welcome to my website

​I’ve been designing Photobooks for more than 10 years. I started with the Photobook America and Photobook Canada down-loadable programs, with Mixbook - a wonderful online photo book editor, and recently started using Blurb again!

Maya Angelo said, ‘You are what you know.’ 

This comment has guided me for a long time. Yet, turn the page and you can always know more . . . So, I'll keep learning and sharing with you!


With each photobook I learn something new!

When I first taught myself to make photobooks, the process was a challenge to learn . . . and I was no stranger to learning as my background was in technical publishing, marketing communications, graphic design and internal training. My sideline was photographing and interviewing wine makers in California and British Columbia.

When my first photobooks came to life... I was ecstatic and determined to get the electronic drafts off the computer and into hardbound editions. It was a joy to give books to my children, place them on the coffee tables of our travel friends, chronicle our trips to South America and create beautiful, keepsake books filled with wedding memories.

My favorite projects: writing & designing a book for a rock concert photographer; a wine trivia agenda book; and my most cherished project was scanning and fixing faded pre-war and war time photos from the 1930s and 1940s. This was followed by creating heirloom photobooks for the family. Scanning old photos is where an eye for detail comes in.

Think of me when you want a photobook made!


​After you make your first photobook, ​Your creativity will soar!

​I often ask people why they don’t make their own photobooks, the answers are always the same:     

- It’s too difficult to learn on their own.    

- They don’t have the time!     

- They don’t know how to get started!

After years of mulling it over, Life in Pages grew from an idea to a new venture in Kelowna, British Columbia. I hope you are as excited about our services as we are about providing

1. Beautifully crafted photobooks for individuals, 

families, businesses and organizations.


2. Fun workshops for those who wish to DIY

  • our workshops include step by step, hands on learning and our FREE ‘Getting Started’ guide!

3. Scanning services for film prints and negatives, including:

  • basic photo editing services 
  • film to digital conversion

Discounts for Seniors! Always!