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Preserve the Events in Your Life with a Photobook

Your Photobook is Important to us. We offer a 1 hr FREE consultation to discuss:

 - Event, Theme, Subject Matter

 - Number of Pages, Number of Copies

 - All Elements: Photos and Printed 

 - Cover Design

 - Front & Back Matter

 - Body & Organization

 - Other: Scanning, Photo Editing

 - Design Costs 

 - Publishing Costs and Discounts

 - Edits - Proofs - Delivery

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Layout, Design, Publishing

Services and Processes

We do our best to keep the cost of your photobook fair and reasonable. There are two separate costs to consider.

1. Layout and Design - Varies in time and effort depending on many factors:

a. Size of Book

b. Number of pages

c. Number of photographs and other elements

d. Front Matter – such as Copyright, Title pg, Forward and Dedication

e. Manually Keyed-in Material – such as Names, Dates, Captions, Text, Paragraphs, Forwards and Dedications

f. Special Services - such as Scanning, Photo restoration

g. Back Matter – Final Pages if necessary

h. Front and Back Cover Design

i. Body Layout, including – Sequencing, Chapters, Titles or Headers if necessary

j. Edits, Proofing, Client Approval, Publishing Tasks 

2. Printing / Publishing Costs

With Life in Pages you never have to pay full price for publishing your photobook. Whether it’s one book, ten books or a hundred, we can usually save you 30%, 40%, sometimes more! Bulk orders of ten or more photobooks often save you up to 50%!

The photobook companies we publish with constantly offer discounts, holiday pricing, specials on certain sized books, volume savings…it all adds up in your favor!

At Life in Pages we check the sales and discounts DAILY. We can always offer you the BEST and LOWEST Publishing Rates.


Photobooks come in a variety of sizes and two orientations - portrait and landscape. 

The average prices shown in the Cost Guide provided below are for two popular sizes. 

Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your photobook project!

Photobook Cost Guide (pdf)